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a doe

i had the craziest dream last night about a girl who has turned into a swan , but her prince falls for the wrong girl and she kills herself .
666, alexander mcqueen, all things kawaii, anatomy, angelic pretty, animal print, antiques, arcades, astrology, babyart, baking, bandages, barbie, beads, being a princess, betsey johnson, billy corgan, bloody noses, blowing bubbles, blythe, body modification, bows, bratmobile, bruises, btssb, bubblegum, bubbles, bunnies, candy, cereal, clove cigarettes, coloring, coloring books, comic books, constellations, cotton candy, creatures with tentacles, cupcakes, decora, dextromethorphan hydrobromide, disco bloodbath, disembowelment, diy, dreaming, egg, erotica, existentialism, fafi, fairy kei, faux fur, fight club, film noir, final fantasy, ganguro, gentlemen, ghosts, glitter, gloomy bear, gore, guro, gyaru, hello kitty, horror, humbert humbert, ice cream, incense, innocence, insane asylums, insomnia, junko mizuno, kawaii, kitsch, kittens, kitty cat maryjanes, lace, little girls, little twin stars, lolita, lolita complex, macabre, magical girls, mary janes, medical stuff, mermaids, milkshakes, milky world, mutilation, my melody, nail art, never growing up, nintendo, nurses, octopi, pale skin, panties, party monster, pastels, pearls, peeing, perverts, phone charms, piercings, pink hair, plastic jewelry, platform shoes, playgrounds, plushies, pokemon, poppies, precious things, pretty girls, pretty things, princesses, quirks, ribbons, sailor moon, san-x, sanrio, school girl uniforms, self indulgence, serial killers, sewing, snobby little girls, stars, stickers, strawberries, street fashion, sweets, taxidermy, tea parties, teacups, tentacle rape, tokidoki, totoro, toys, trevor brown, ufos, veins, vivienne westwood, wishes, ಠ_ಠ